I love Visitors!

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My buddy came in town last week and we were able to catch up on Saturday night. He left a lil over a year ago, and he was the first guy I met when I first moved out and he first moved to AZ. Definitely one of the most interesting, sexual, emotionally loving, fun individuals to be around. He introduced to me sexually to quite a bit and was my teacher in some aspects of things I had never encountered, persay.

Any who, I ended up going to a pub to meet up with him and some of his friends whom were there. Anytime we’re around each other it’s inevitable, we end up on each other, but being that I was going to the bar and planning on going home, this wasn’t happening. He entertained the thought of possible fucking in my car… but I shot that down quickly I was paranoid with the traffic coming through the parking lot. Once I got there, instantly clicked with all his friends. We took a few pics in which my tits were the star of the photo, lol but non the less it was good times. As I sat next to my buddy he was non chalantly stroking my leg and found his hand up my skirt (and of course, I don’t wear undies when I wear a skirt) and well I’m sure you can guess what was going on. I had to quickly stop him because… well I wasn’t about to get off at the table with everyone present. Any who… we made out, talked, bonded with his friends and by the time it was ready for closing, one of his guy friends and girl friends asked me for my number to hang out another time.
Looks like I made a good impression lol. Inside and Out.

Do I Need a Valid Reason?

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lol sooo the other night I got this random email from my old roomie.

A lil background on him before I explain the email. I thought he was cute, my girl roomie was moving out and I was looking for someone. Thought he was reliable and thought he would be a chill roomie. Well, long story short, he ends up not having money to pay for stuff, and his priorities, at the time were not in the right place, so he had to move back home, in turn screwing me in a position of not having a roommate. Anywho, for the lil time he did live with me, he’d come in my room and hang out and we’d talk and bs and sometimes just pass out and nothing came of it, why? Because we were roomies. Now back to the email I received.

Subject: Not to be Forward
Body: But it might be the alcohol talking, but I always wanted to sleep with you. Hmmmm, maybe its a combination of the alcohol and 3 month dry spell ha

My response:
Body: lol
hey when all else fails blame it on the alcohol. if it means anything… i always wanted to sleep with you, so to each their own i suppose.

His response: (now sober minded and the next day)
I live in [city here]. Im not a math major, but if you wanted to and I wanted to its never to late. Right ah. Im just saying ti could be fun.
How have you been

So- question is what to do? lol this email went back and forth basically catching us up on what eacother has been up to etc. We made our piece on the whole roomie situation forever ago but hadn’t conversed like this since we lived together. I don’t know maybe I should just brush it under the rug but now knowing this, I won’t lie- I’ll be tempted to hit him up at some late hour or mid day for a lil game play, I know it. He’s cute, funny, and it’s all in good fun, right? Right?

Short and Sweet

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Literally. So the guy is 5’3 but soo fucking sweet. I generally don’t go over the shorter type at all, and I know that sounds pretty damn superficial but when you’re 5’8.5 I feel like I’m towering over the other individual. Anywho, he’s a great guy,friend, father, and has a lot of ambition which has made the height not soo much an issue.

Anywho I met him about 4 years ago when I met an ex of mine (same night to be exact). He’s pretty active in the music scene as, I was back in the day so we seemed to have a few mutual friends. Since I was involved back in the day I didn’t pay much attention to much of anyone else. Well, we reunited and he’s a friend for now, or until I can get my foot out of my ass and make a decision up if I’m ready for a RELATIONSHIP again, yea that’s right I said it. He’s already entertained the thought of dating me, and said he could see us together etc etc. What’s awesome about the guy is he’s soo fucking awesome, chill, sweet and cheesy with a kick of humor. He know’s I can’t deal with too much lovey dovey stuff so he keeps it to a mild hint and chases it w/ a bit of humor.
Anywho, personally I feel like I fucked up because when I really like someone I don’t wanna be like okay, let’s fuck. But when I have this attraction I can’t describe, fucking just clicks and bam, it works. I don’t maybe I’m a retard but whatevs. I’m obviously getting at the point of us actually fucking. We were going to go do some cute lil first date thing, but decided to go grab drinks and talk, oh oh and he got me a single rose, which I might add was my fave color; the one that’s yellow that has a burst of orange in the center. Anywho…we then ended up going and grabbin a bite to eat and more drinks and then found ourselves in my car, straddling him. The kisses were amazing, his caressing manner, even better. It was more sensual, or as sensual as you can get in a damn car but fact of the matter is he was refreshing to be around. The next day he wasn’t like weirded out at all, he’s not a leech but he still voices his ‘love’ for me, and that he want’s to take the ‘relationship’ we have to the next level. I haven’t really voiced that I will allow that to happen just yet, but I may, just kinda letting the idea of it simmer a bit.

After all that, we exchanged a passionate kiss, and said our goodbyes. On my drive home I gotta text that read, “I wanna one day love you…and that’s real..sweetdreams hun”
Yea, that’s pretty deep, and I can honestly say that I’ve never had someone so straight with their feelings like that for me. Only time could tell I guess. Ugh I’m soo scattered brained.

130 pictures later…

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So yea…an old buddy of mine whom I hadn’t seen in forever and a day had been trying to hang out for the last week, and the conflict of our schedules kept getting in the way. I finally caved, and said I’ll hang out under 2 stipulations; 1: he had to come pick me up, 2: he had to drive me to work in the a.m. being that it was my bday the next day. And you know what, he did.
He came and picked my happy ass up from my house and we drove about 45min back to his place, granted it was all freeway but non the less that’s quite the distance.
Now I’ve known this friend for nearly 7-8 yrs. Great guy, never fucked me over, and just an over all kick ass personality and lot’s of fun to hang with. Long story short, I’ll cut to the chase. We go back to his place, fuck around online, drink a few malt beverages that lead to tipsiness.
At Midnight, we ring in my bday! He grabs my neck and aggressively presses his lips against mine and still gripping the nape of my neck, it was pretty intense and hot. We then decide ok lets go ahead and watch a movie. we put a movie on and instantly, it was like we couldn’t keep off eachother. altho the movie was somewhat gruesome and though my attention was focused on him, the movie was distracting me. We turned it off and through on some music, turned the light off and were at it again. About 5minutes into our heavy breathing makeout sesh and feeling eachother up, he says, ‘where’s your camera?’.
Me: wait what? my camera? why?
Him: i wanna take some pics of us
Me: Uh about that, i’ve NEVER let anyone do that, but FUCK IT, It’s my camera I’m keeping them.

I handed over my camera and he started shooting away.The only light hitting us was the one from the large computer screen in which was lit up from the itunes playing.
Can I just say that this was probably one of THE BEST sexual experiences ever. Now I’ve hooked up with him before, but I blacked out and don’t remember a damn thing. But this time I remember it all. It was aggressive, sensual, hot and heavy and definitely one of the best (and that’s saying a lot).
Anywho, I obviously can’t show any of those pics (130 of them were taken to be exact) but there was one i managed to BLUR quite a bit, and the only ‘appropriate-ish’ pic. It kind reminded me of one of those Abercrombie ads. A lil scandalous but sexy/tasteful. What a great Birthday moment and way to celebrate, hahaha don’t you think?

WOW, I SUCK [pun intended]

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So yea, fell off the radar for a minute. Sorry about that. Believe me I’ve definitely had my fair share of interesting moments, just been ridiculous busy…now time to back track and insert the ones worth talking about and update regularly again…

here we go……

Mission Blackout: Success?

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It really wasn’t the objective for the evening, it kinda just happened along with a few other things I really can’t tell you, considering I wasn’t coherent for it.
So here’s how it went…

For once my buddy, whom we will call ‘Foreplay’ (nickname) actually called early (not booty call hour) to hang out. Said it was just him and a few other people over at ‘Con-mans’ (nickname) house. I was out with my girl K, grabbin some dinner but I was definitely up for going and hanging out. After we grabbed food, we headed over to the store, in which she needed to grab some groceries for her place and I needed to grab my alcohol of choice, because I wasn’t up for drinking the PBR I knew they were going to have in the fridge. I decided that one of those big bottles of Carlo Rossi Sangria would do the job. After we grabbed the alcohol and groceries, we headed to her place so I could borrow a top, and make myself a lil more ‘cute’, more or less throw some cleavage out for the evening. After getting dolled up, I headed over to Conmans. Once I got there, Foreplay met me outside hugged me and helped me bring the ice in while I grabbed my beasty bottle of Sangria.
As soon as I walked in, I knew it was going to be a lack for better words, ‘interesting night’. There was a chick sitting on the couch, with a ridiculous amount of ‘ripped’ action going on and some oversized Taz shirt with gold foil on it and he hair was pulled back in a what looked like a perm ponytail; she kinda looked like a chicana chick but I later found out she was a white girl, just grew up around a lot of hispanics. Next to her was some chick who looked maybe 16-18 with a boy who who looked barely legal to drink who was eyeing me up and down, and she definitely was not having it and eye’d him once he said hi to me when I came in the door. Then there was ‘Conman’ on the other couch, whom I have to add, to me is fucking hot. He sings hip hop, raps, has cute swagger. He’s a dirty blonde, blue eyes, and bigger in the sense of being taller and could probably throw me around. Anywho-
Foreplay and I made our way to the kitchen, because quite frankly I didn’t feel like conversing with the underage chick and her googly eye’d buddy/bf. Once they left Foreplay and I, joined chicana chick and Conman. Didn’t talk much about anything in particular. Somewhat bullshitted about random stuff, and shot the shit. At some point or another I was highly intoxicated, and thought it was a good idea to walk to QT (which was literally right around the corner), which Foreplay decided to join me, now I vaguely remember the details but have flashes of memories of this moment. Apparently I reached the counter at QT and decided it was a good idea to purchase ciggs. I asked if they had any ‘deals’ goin on the guy was like buy one get one on the Marlboro, so I purchased those menthol death sticks and made my way out the door, as I walked out the door there happened to be a cop playing security at the QT, ( I guess someone was shot there a week prior, yea i know lovely news) but anywho, I decided it was a great idea to high five the cop. He laughed high five’d and we were back on our way to the house.
Okay so this is where things get a lil blurry. We get back to the house, I have Foreplay make me my drink, again. By now I’m on like my 8th cup, or something like that. I poured a cup for Foreplay and for Chicana chick, and that’s probably the only lil bit I decided to share with them since they were drinking that PBR stuff, ugh. Chicana chick eventually passed out on the couch so we moved to Con-mans room and listened to music. And here’s where the details are now thinned out because I barely remember a thing, but have a series of 4 pics that give some insight. I was on Conmans bed drinking my Sangria, Foreplay was standing texting on his phone and in a bad mood bc he was going back and forth with his bitch of an ex and Conman was sitting next to me. We took a couple pics in which was our faces squished together, another of me kissing his head and one more of our mouths. And that’s it. This is where I fast forward and will explain things the way I remember it, it’s going to be choppy but this is how I remember it.carlo_rossi_sangria_1
Woke up drunk and a bit dazzy at 6am, to a hard on poking me from behind, so I barely remember but I know I started fucking with his dick, I woke up to him saying ‘you’re fucking amazing’ and saying that he had no more condoms bc he and I had used them all, I was confused by that but decided to go ahead and give him head,he pretty much moaned called me amazing and pulled my hair and a few other details not necessary to share. Conman asked me if I wanted to go take a shower, I said no, and laid back in bed as he excused himself to the shower. I picked up my phone to text Foreplay and ask him where the hell he was, he replied that I, yes me, had disappeared and he left bc he was having a bad night dealing with the ex. I stopped texting, looked at the floor and saw 5 condoms. WTF!? I was tired and didn’t wanna stay awake to ask Conman details. He came back into bed laid with me and put his arm around me. I then woke up again about 1130/noon and this time completely coherent. I needed to get the hell home, or something I wasn’t up for spending my whole day/afternoon at his place. When I was getting up it woke him a bit, and he reached out to give me a hug. We kissed and he was like ‘we NEED to hang out again’ you were amazing and I had such a fun/good night. I mean apparently it was amazing if we went through fucking 5 condoms. I wish I remembered it *sad. I asked him how he thought he was going to get in touch with me, and he said I gave him a biz card. TOTALLY don’t remember doing that, I mean really, when is it a good idea to network when COMPLETELY smashed? I guess I ceased the opportunity lol. So yea, I went to the kitchen, grabbed my bottle, which at this point was 3/4 empty. Yea not sure if that’s alcoholic status that I can attack a bottle like that or not but whatever. I made my way out to my car, sat there for a moment, took a deep breath and was homeward bound. Seriously what a fucking night, or so I was told. Ugh. Wish I remembered A LOT more.

Text Of the Day: ‘Wanna blow my Birthday Candle for me?

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Guaranteed that’s not what he wants blowed.